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Hi! I'm Sarah and I write super fluffy rom-com-style YA fantasy. I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with my (equally) fluffy cat (starting to see a pattern here?) And fine, I guess I have a husband too. When I'm not writing, I'm rock climbing or doing attorney things (which is my day job). I'm most active on Twitter and you can follow me here or you can sign up for my monthly newsletter here. If you like jokes or tacos, I hope you'll stick around. And that's basically everyone. Except you, Karen. We know you don't like tacos. You can sit down.

#amquerying: HOUSE OF SMOKE

She tore apart the sky. Pulled down the stars and dropped them into the buckets of the sea.


When her best friend is found dead on the beaches, eighteen-year-old Isabel's marching orders are clear: woo the enemy general's sexy son and steal his kingdom-shattering weapon. But as she grows closer to the target her own feelings may destroy the mission 

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Never Enough - The Dives 

Light Switch - Charlie Puth 

Hold Your Head Up High - Oh the Larceny

Let's Do This - Outskrts 

Hey Child - X Ambassadors

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#amwriting: SERPENT GREEN

Prince Dante de Vigo is beautiful in the way vipers are beautiful—dark hair, red mouth, a devilish grin.

I hate him so much it hurts to breathe.

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Reputation Album - Taylor Swift

Breakfast - Dove Cameron 

Typhoons - Royal Blood

Dirty Thoughts - Chloe Adams

Scatterbrain - Emei 


When a portrait painter accidentally binds herself to the crown prince, the two must team up to stop the apocalypse before they're both dragged down to hell

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need a beta?

I'm a huge writing craft junkie. As of writing this, my Kindle folder is up to 110 craft books. Please don't tell my husband! I'm also an avid reader of fiction and usually read over 40 books a year. I'll beta-read your book and provide a 2-5 summary of what worked and what didn't work, analyzing things like plot, pacing, arcs, etc. If you're interested, shoot me a message through the form below to inquire about my availability. 

Current rates: 

50,000 words - 75,000 words - $75

75,000 words - 90,000 words - $80

90,000 words - 110,000 words - $85

Over 110,000 words - contact for pricing 


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The Honeys - Ryan La Sala

House of Hollow - Krystal Sutherland

Gallant - V.E. Schwab

Star Mother - Charlie N. Holmberg

Little Thieves - Margaret Owen

Thorn - Inisar Khanani 

Sorcery of Thorns - Margaret Rogerson 

Strange the Dreamer - Laini Taylor

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Midnights Album - Taylor Swift

My Heart is Open - Maroon 5 

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Sharks - Imagine Dragons

HOLD YOU DOWN - X Ambassadors 

Haunted Houses - HARLOW

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